About  the Artist
Kristin Rosenqvist, an emerging photographer living in Reno, Nevada, is known for her intense color saturation and for the unusual way she captures light. She makes no apologies for her beautiful, uplifting images. "I simply want people to feel good when they look at my photographs; I want them to experience the same wonder and happiness I did at the moment I created each image."

Kristin tries to keep her photography as pure as possible. She uses a minimum of equipment: a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm camera, mostly a 70-300 zoom lens, and print or slide film. She does not stage any of her photographs, and, except for occasionally using her camera's built-in flash, she uses only existing lighting. She composes her images carefully and rarely has to crop. Her negatives and transparencies are digitally scanned on a drum scanner and then printed in large format on canvas, rag, or paper (a process known as giclée). She uses as little digital manipulation as possible to ensure a pleasing print and never fabricates colors or uses special effects.

Concepts such as mindfulness, impermanence, equanimity, and loving kindness are evident in Kristin's photographs, and much of her work reflects her spirituality. She believes that we are happiest when we live in the moment, especially when we stop to notice nature's exquisite beauty. "If we stop and truly pay attention, we see that every moment is unique, fleeting, and will never happen again. We learn to appreciate how delicate and transient life actually is." Hours of concentration while taking photographs is a kind of meditation through which Kristin has learned that even though the universe is infinitely complex, it is also infinitely simple: matter, energy, and spirit are interconnected, interchangeable, and ultimately one.